Community Platform Services

Community Platform Services

Community Platform Services adds value to your business by bringing the business partners together for exchange of services. The platform is built to facilitate exchange of services.
There are two such platforms available for service…

  1. Fleet Exchange Services
  2. Vehicle Reseller Platform

Fleet Exchange Services:

Fleet Exchange Services

This platform facilitates booking of fleet by Fleet Managers from the Fleet Owners. All route wise and destination wise vehicles would be listed with price to bid. The vehicles would be tracked with the Mobile Tracking Solution or GPS. Payments can be made online or offline basis agreement between the Fleet Manager and Fleet Owners.

Vehicle Reseller Platform:

Vehicle Reseller Platform

This platform facilitates the old vehicles listing and trading for ownership change over the platform. All the vehicle documents status and photographs would be posted online for view and scrutiny. A fair price tagging would also be available with eFleet certification, wherever feasible. The transaction would happen online or offline with consent from seller and buyer. The platform will facilitate the ease of searching, buying and digital documentation.