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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Value Added Services eases process of monitoring KPIs and also aids in improving the business margins. The Key Value Added Services that we cover for you are…

  1. Fuel Management through Fuel Cards readmore ..
  2. Consignment level Tracking readmore ..
  3. Vehicle tracking through GPS or Driver’s Mobile tracking readmore ..
  4. Hiring Human Resources for Data Entry into the Fleet Management application at your office premises
  5. Hiring Field resources for reading tyre treads,tags and other sensors fitted on the vehicle.

Fuel Management through Fuel Cards


Fuels cards are replacement for your cash advances towards fueling the vehicles enroute for the trip. It gives flexibility in handling fuel procurement and payments. It also gives control over the expenses management for the trip. We provide Fuel cards with prepaid amount loading based on the route and type of vehicle. These card procurement and management is facilitated by eFleet on behalf of you.

Consignment Tracking:


We can manage consignment tracking through multiple trucks enroute. The consignment management can be a standalone application that can be managed for you. This is also part of the Fleet Management Application, however, it can be used as a standalone module, if other modules of Fleet Management are not required for you.

Vehicle Tracking


Our experience says that the percentage of hired vehicles is more than own fleet due to business cycles that this industry faces. Such vehicle, if not owned, may not have GPS devices fitted in and hence tracking the vehicle and predicting the trip closures or scheduling next trip or loading would not be feasible. We have tie ups with major GPS operators and Mobile network integrations to track the vehicle irrespective of GPS device availability in the truck. The driver mobile number can be pulled from your trip management module and can be tracked enroute basis driver’s consent. Which ensures you know where is your vehicle and when is it available for next loading – improves your customer satisfaction and hence business prospects in the market.